(Somewhat long, TLDR at the end!)

Hi! So basically, I think I installed some sort of malware a few days ago and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I’ve tried almost every day, but it doesn’t seem to go away no matter what I try.

“What’s it doing?” It redirects my web address to bing whenever I look something up on chrome (yes, I have tried clearing all my data and resetting to default on chrome). Before redirecting to bing, it says “krestinaful” in the search bar.Sometimes, whenever I have chrome running in the background, it closes all my tabs. Windows PowerShell also randomly starts up for a few second before it closes again. Not sure if this is related, but all my taskbar items stopped loading in so I can’t see what’s playing in the background.

I know which files are infected, etc. but whenever I try to simply delete the files, it tells me I do not have permissions as I am not the administrator. When I changed admin permissions in properties within the files, it still told me I didn’t have permission to delete the file. Have also tried Window’s security but it didn’t work.

“How’d you get it?” By being stupid. I forgot to switch over to my school laptop when looking up a site for movies and when I tried to play a movie, it redirected me to a different site where it instantly downloaded a file without my consent. Completely my fault, mind went blank and I forgot to switch over to my laptop. I’m dumb.

Does anyone have a solution to this? I just want to be able to play video games and so my HW on my PC doesn’t get closed whenever I’m trying to do it. Thank you to anyone who responds!

TLDR; installed malware thru movie website, redirects to bing with the web address of “krestinaful”, also launches windows powershell on occasion, have tried many things. Help.

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