As data collection and analysis become critical functions for many cloud
applications, proper data sharing with approved parties is required. However,
the traditional data sharing scheme through centralized data escrow servers may
sacrifice owners’ privacy and is weak in security. Mainly, the servers
physically own all data while the original data owners have only virtual
ownership and lose actual access control. Therefore, we propose a 3-layer
SSE-ABE-AES (3LSAA) cryptography-based privacy-protected data-sharing protocol
based on the assumption that servers are honest-but-curious. The 3LSAA protocol
realizes automatic access control management and convenient file search even if
the server is not trustable. Besides achieving data self-sovereignty, our
approach also improves system usability, eliminates the defects in the
traditional SSE and ABE approaches, and provides a local AES key recovery
method for user’s availability.

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