Is Python About to Become the Most Popular Programming Language?
“According to one measure, Python is potentially on the verge of becoming the most popular computer programming language,” reports ZDNet, joining C and Java as the only other two languages to attain the #1 spot.
Of course, it depends on who’s making the list…

Python has been snapping at the heels of Java and C for the past few years on the 20-year-old Tiobe index and recently knocked Java off the second spot to rival C. Tiobe, a software testing company, bases its rankings on searches for programming languages on popular websites and search engines.

The Tiobe index is updated monthly, and it doesn’t align with other language popularity rankings. For example, the electrical engineering magazine IEEE Spectrum has ranked Python as the most popular language since at least 2020, followed by Java, C, and JavaScript, while developer analyst RedMonk has JavaScript in top place, followed by Python and Java, and places C at tenth…

“Python has never been so close to the number 1 position of the TIOBE index,” writes Paul Jansen, chief of Tiobe software. “It only needs to bridge 0.16% to surpass C. This might happen any time now…”

Python is hugely popular because of machine learning, but it has no place in mobile app development or web applications or development on mobile devices. It’s also slow. Python’s creator, Guido van Rossum, who works at Microsoft, recently conceded Python consumes too much memory and energy from hardware. He’s working to improve Python’s performance and reckons double is feasible…

Tiobe’s top 10 programming languages in September 2021 were C, Python, Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Assembly language, PHP, and SQL. The top 20 languages also included Classic Visual Basic, Groovy, Ruby, Go, Swift, MATLAB, Fortran, R, Perl, and Delphi.

Fortran’s re-emergence as a top 20 language is notable. Just in July 2020, Tiobe ranked it as the 50th most popular language. But earlier this year, Fortran shot up to the 20th spot in Tiobe’s index.

Paul Jansen, chief of Tiobe software, also called out some other interesting moves in this month’s calculation. “Assembly gained 1 position from #9 to #8, Ruby gained 2 positions from #15 to #13, and Go went up even 4 positions from #18 to #14.”

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