BSidesSTL 2019 Videos
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These are the videos of the presentations from BSidesSTL 2019. Big thanks to my video jockeys @Mayer302 and @l00tation and the video crew Mike and Bob.

BSidesSTL 2019 Opening

Hacking is Dead – Long Live Hacking
Michael Collins

pyews: A cross platform python package to interact with Exchange Web Services
Josh Rickard

Don’t Hate – Remediate
Brandon Wunderle

The 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. From a DBIR author
Gabriel Bassett

Opening the door to InfoSec
Alexis Womble

Everything I Need to Know About Infosec I Learned from Gambling
Cliff Smith

Judo Threat Intelligence
Frank Angiolelli

Do You Live or Die? Explaining Machine Learning with Azure and the Titanic dataset
Beth Young

My Trudge Through IT Burnout & Keeping it at Bay
Eric Lee

Securtle (The Security Turtle)
Sanchari Das

BSidesSTL 2019 Closing

BSidesSTL 2019 Videos

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