At  similar major sites, like Microsoft Store, iTunes, etc. there are constant AV sweeps to remove & mitigate malware agents.  Still brand new variants & working around these controls succeed.  SANS ISC shares potential for any site to be infected

Malicious Content Delivered Through ([1], also known as the “way back machine” is a very popular Internet site that allows you to travel back in time and browse old versions of a website (like the ISC website). It works like regular search engines and continuously crawls the internet via bots. But there is another way to store content on You may create an account and upload some content by yourself.  I found a piece of malicious Powershell that uses to download the next stage payload. It’s score on VT is only 5/58

That’s the wild Internet today: If you allow users to create an account and upload some data, chances are big that the feature will be (ab)used to host malicious content. Indeed, is a top domain and is usually not blocked or tagged as malicious.


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