I’m really paranoid, Windows Defender found a trojan that was immediatly put in quarantine and removed by using WD. It doesn’t appear in my WD history anymore. Right after that I did a complete security scan, as well as an offline scan just in case, no threats found.

But the thing is, by going in C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/WindowsDefender/Quarantine it still appears in the 3 folders (Entries, ResourceData and Resources).

I’ve looked into WD/Localcopy and WD/Scans/FilesStash and found absolutely nothing. (I’ve been checking internet for 30 minutes and i’ve seen people talking about these files so I checked them out).

So i’m wondering, is the trojan really quarantined ? Is it safe to not touch anything and to wait until it’s deleted by the system ? Can i completely safely erase the Quarantine folder content ? (If I can even delete it)

Thank you in advance

(The trojan was in a zip file that I’ve never unzipped btw)

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